Top Voiceover Articles of the Week – June 3

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Summer is kicking into full gear now as we hit the month of June. Crazy to think how fast this year is flying by. And it has been an awesome journey so far for Angela and me as we really expand our Voiceover business!

A lot of great posts to share this week including an eye-opening one from VO pro Jerry Reed. He really sheds light unto the topic of cliques in the Voiceover community. That’s unfortunate if true, but hopefully this is not an emerging trend. As VO professionals, it only makes us stronger as talent, marketers and just people in general to lend a helping hand to the youngsters as they break into the biz.

A link to his blog post and podcast are below.

Cheers to Jerry for taking this one on. And here’s to our fellow Voiceover peeps that are making a difference by taking some fresh talent under their wings!

On to the top posts of the week for consideration with some interesting links below.

As a refresher, here’s how it works: 1Mic2Voices does the searching and pulls the most relevant articles for you here, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. That said, if you want to help us out and just submit your latest article or blog post for consideration, just drop us a line at

VO Articles of the Week (1)
Voiceover Times – How to Handle Off-The-Wall Creative Direction *Our Pick for the Best Article of the Week*

VoiceOverXtra – Agents: What Do You Think About This? A Standard Email Template for VO Auditions

Edge Studio – 18 Steps to Improve Your Audition Batting Average

Jerry’s Voice – The Blog – Things That Clique

Small Business/Marketing

Yahoo!News – Adobe Voice: A Happy App for Making Explainer Videos

BizCommunity – Four Social Media Marketing Trends Every Marketer Must Know

Wistia – Developing a Better YouTube Strategy


We’ll be back next week with more of the best of the best! Until then, be sure to continue the conversation over on the 1Mic2Voices Facebook Page by clicking here.

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