Top Voiceover Articles of the Week – June 17

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World Cup fever is here! Having matches all-day long can provide a big distraction from the day-to-day business for us home-based Voiceover artists.

But, you know what … it’s summer and the World Cup only comes once every four years. So, if you have some time to enjoy some of the futbol madness, I say go for it!

So, with that said … how AWESOME was the U.S. over Ghana on Monday?! It’s made John Brooks a national hero overnight.

John Brooks USMNT

Good luck to the U.S. in the upcoming matches against Portugal and Germany. Let’s hope we can pull together, get out of the Group of Death and advance to the knockout rounds!

On to the top posts of the week for consideration with some interesting links below.

As a refresher, here’s how it works: 1Mic2Voices does the searching and pulls the most relevant articles for you here, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. That said, if you want to help us out and just submit your latest article or blog post for consideration, just drop us a line at

VO Articles of the Week (1)

VoiceOverTimes – Is Social Media Reducing Your Creativity? *Our Pick for the Best Article of the Week*

VoiceBunny – How to get the perfect Voice Over: Advice from VoiceBunny clients

Stage32 – Taking control of your career: Three Building Blocks

Gary Terzza – Standing Up or Sitting Down: What’s the Best Position To Do A Voice Over?

Debbie Grattan’s Voice Over Blog – Voice Over Actor Health Tips – 10 Ways to Maintain Great Vocal Health

Small Business/Marketing

Search Engine Journal – Why No One Comments on Your Blog and What to Do About It

We’ll be back next week with more of the best of the best! Until then, be sure to continue the conversation over on the 1Mic2Voices Facebook Page by clicking here.

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